My immigration story. Love, tenacity and faith

My immigration story starts like this… You can’t ask a butterfly to run, when its nature is to fly. That’s how my story began, as a journalist and single mom immigrating to United States on January 14th, 2016.

I started living in a room, sleeping on the floor, working as housekeeping and earning 8$ the hour.

Every night, no matter how tired I was, I kept writing on my blog, and with tears in my eyes, always repeating myself “you can do this, you are a journalist, you are a blogger”.

I prayed to God to give me strength to just go on. I just needed one shot, one opportunity. After six months I finally managed to save 100$ and started the Orlando Moms Club, the first latin mothers club in Central Florida.

The Orlando Moms Club boom awakened interest from media and sponsors alike. In october 2016 I was nominated as one of the 100 most influencing Latin Bloggers in United States by LATISM and that was also my jump to my dream job as journalist and blogger for Genius Plaza, one of the most important education companies in the US.

LATISM 16. My immigration story
LATISM 16. My immigration story

Everything was on track, until the morning of december 12th, 2016. That was the day of my stroke. As a result, I can’t walk, read or write as before.

Living through this completely transformed my way to see the world. I understood that we all have light and dark within us. That nobody is perfect. And that having a condition does not define me.

I do not consider myself special, different or sick. I just want to be treated for who I am, for what I am capable of, with what God gave me. My greatest gift is being an entrepreneur mom, who found in a domestic job the humility and strength to reinvent herself.

My drive allowed me, with just 100$, to create a club that now holds over 15 thousand moms on social media, 234 affiliates, all of whom receive support and education.

 My immigration story
My immigration story

My story

After overcoming a stroke, I confirmed that I can dream and fly, without limits. Facing uncertainty did not paralyze my dreams nor my drive to keep growing as a woman, journalist, entrepreneur, mother, community leader and human being.

Quiero que sepan que emprender es un acto de fe.

No permitan que nadie les diga que no se puede.

Visualiza, plasma y sobre todo, concreta.

I arrived with nothing to this country and have managed to rise twice. I have overcome language barriers, economic difficulties and a potentially mortal disease.

Con determinación, pasión y fe, todo es posible. Esta es my immigration story. 


 My immigration story. Moms group 2018
My immigration story. Moms group 2018


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